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22. März 2015 – 09:28 |

Rückblickend, einen Tag nach dem Punktgewinn, könnte genau dieser Punkt noch Gold wert werden. Sah es doch 88 Minuten danach aus, als könnten wir die Kugel nicht hinter die Linie …

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1.FC Köln

Unsere Freunde in der Republik und darüber hinaus. Tennis Borussia Berlin, SV Darmstadt 98 und andere.


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Artikel in La Liga & Valencia C.F.

¿Champions? League

30. August 2012 – 14:07 |

Definitely we can say that one of the Circuses that more fans follow in the World and especially in Europe, without forgetting South-America, is back. Proof of that it’s the …

La Liga´s Goalmouth 2012/2013 – Jornada 1

21. August 2012 – 21:18 |

The 2012-2013 season of La Liga started the past weekend and ended yesterday. That shows pretty much what this sport in a professional level is lately: only business. I say …

Groundhog Day

8. September 2011 – 17:45 |

5:59…6:00 AM…”I got you babe” tataatataatataaa…like on the film directed by Harold Ramis and Bill Murray as main character, this is the third time (important number at the films) …

La Liga´s Goalmouth – Week 2

1. September 2011 – 18:14 |
La Liga´s Goalmouth – Week 2

La Liga finally started after LNFP (National League of Professional Football) and AFE (Spanish Football Players Association) negotiations ended in a good way for both. The players secured to be …

The Worm Shows Up His Head

25. August 2011 – 18:56 |

Imagine a pyramid composed by red apples, tasty color in a corner. You know that you have to take care of them in order to don´t get bad wormy apples. …

La Liga´s Goalmouth: Jornada 33

26. April 2011 – 18:34 | 2 Comments
La Liga´s Goalmouth: Jornada 33

Last weekend cleared up more than one bidding in this 2010-2011 season of La Liga BBVA. Meanwhile at the table´s top zone, each week that pass on Barcelona consolidates as …

La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 30

6. April 2011 – 22:42 | Ein Kommentar
La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 30

At only eight weeks for the end of the 82th season of the spanish Primera División seems that most of the people´s favourite, finally will crown as champions after the …

La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 29

23. März 2011 – 22:53 | Ein Kommentar
La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 29

A week full of surprises, where once again the competivity existing between the teams that fight to stay one more year at the highest category of the spanish football is …

La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 28

15. März 2011 – 19:43 | 6 Comments
La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 28

In that weekend, Madrid, that club that show off about class and kindness all around, threw out for the umpteenth time the dialectic excuse to the mass media, but this …

La Liga´s Goalmouth: Quick update at week 27

8. März 2011 – 19:40 | 7 Comments

From day by day it´s coming more clear who will fight to qualify for the different competitions till the end of the season. In this fight, the games of the …

La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 16

20. Dezember 2010 – 21:32 | Ein Kommentar
La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 16

Three matches to be played before we finish the first half of La Liga. But this will be happen the upcoming new year, so we could say that the “winter” …

La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 15

16. Dezember 2010 – 00:05 | Ein Kommentar
La Liga´s Goalmouth – Jornada 15

Date 15, as fifteen are the bets that a player have to get in order to win the jackpot of La Quiniela. To clear up, La Quiniela it´s a betting …

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